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Development & Property Management Services
Pre-Development Services:
  • Coordination with Attorney’s
  • Performing Market Studies
    • Compiling rent comparable information including rents, unit sizes, amenities, rent concessions, lease-up rates, etc.
  • Rezoning & Permitting through the City
  • Owner Representative
    • Obtaining building permits and special permits for permanent improvements, except for permits required to be obtained by the various Contractors;
  • Asset Management
    • Negotiating revenue sharing with Telephone & Data Providers
    • Negotiating Property Tax
    • Negotiating Insurance Renewal
    • Periodic site inspection and reporting to owners
Development & Construction Project Management Services:
  • Coordination of Consultants;
    • Architects (Design Plans, Unit mix, Building & Unit mixes)
    • Civil Engineers (Site, Grading, Stormwater and Utility Plan review)
    • Surveyor (ALTA Survey, Plat, and As-built)
    • Environmental Engineers (Phase I Study, Geotechnical reports, etc.)
  • Administrative management of Contractors, Owners, and the Architect;
  • Supervise all aspects of construction while the work is being performed;
  • Schedule and coordinate the sequence of construction;
  • Schedule utilities and their installation;
  • Report and consult with the Owner for construction decisions;
  • Receive bids, prepare bid analysis and make recommendations to the;
  • Review requests for changes, submit recommendations to the Owner, and, prepare appropriate Change Orders;
  • Coordinate the sequence of construction;
  • Maintain accounting records of work and review and processing of Contractor payments;
  • Schedule and conduct meetings with the Contractors and the Owner;
  • Photograph job progress and retain “red line” as built drawings for the job;
  • Review the safety programs developed by each Contractor for purposes of coordinating the safety programs with those of the other Contractors.
  • Maintain copies of all Contract Documents, drawings, specifications, addenda, Change Orders and other modifications, in good order and marked currently to record changes and selections made during construction, and in addition, approved Shop Drawings, product data, samples and similar submittals;
  • Determine in general that the work of each Contractor is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents;
  • Endeavor to obtain satisfactory performance from each of the Contractors. The Manager shall recommend courses of action to the Owner when requirements of the Contract are not being fulfilled;
  • Observe all phases of construction, supervision, and effect proper coordination; and
  • Performing unit punches and turnover of units to Property Management for leasing.


Management Services:
  • Preparation and Implementation of Initial Lease-up Marketing Plan
  • Periodic Monitoring of Rent Roll and Move Out Notices
  • Accounting and Bill Processing
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Rent Collection
  • Preparation of Operating Budget and Monthly Variance Analysis
  • Preparation of Capital Budget and Monitoring of Capital Spending
  • Implementing and Monitoring Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Develop and Maintain Lease Expiration Plan
  • Develop Marketing Plan
  • Periodic Market Analysis Survey of Comparable Properties
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Market Ready Program
Financing Services:
  • Packaging Development Deal & Presentation to Lenders
  • Obtaining Construction Commitment
  • Prepare Construction Loan Closing Package
  • Review and Negotiate Construction Documents
  • Prepare and Submit Monthly Construction Loan Draws
  • Accounting for Construction Costs and Budget Variance
  • Annual Property Tax Negotiating
  • Implement and Monitor Insurance and Risk Management Plan
  • Arranging Permanent Financing

The G2 Commercial team has developed a variety of multifamily garden-style and commercial projects which include retail centers, a free-standing restaurants and office buildings. G2 Commercial has developed over +/-50,000 Square feet retail and office space in the Columbus, GA MSA since 21013.


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