How to Keep Your Information Safe in an Internet-driven World

Before COVID-19, more and more information was shared via email, Dropbox, Google Drive; however, since people have been working from home, more people are using the internet to conduct business, school work, and even for recreation. It’s safe to say we are facing a new normal in the post-COVID world where the digital exchange of data will be the standard for conducting business. As agents, we can’t just worry about our personal information, but also our clients. We have conversations with attorneys, lenders, tenants, landlords, etc. NAI G2 works hard to provide a safe exchange of data, and we want to give you some tips on how to stay safe while online!

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and your data:

  1. Have one master password, but change based on the site. If you have the same password for multiple sites, once the hackers have the password, all of your accounts are vulnerable. Ex: 123ABC-FB for Facebook
  2. If you receive an email from someone regarding a real estate or financial transaction or any other situation in which you may be asked for personal information, ask yourself: Have I talked to this person before? Is there another person I know CCed on the email? If you are unsure, send an email to your rep asking for verification.
  3. Do a Spring Cleaning of your accounts – delete accounts you are no longer using, update passwords, even update your Linked-In while you’re at it!